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Warning! Guts on Page Two.

So, I just got back from my first spiritual retreat Realm Makers conference. And I've got three words to describe the weekend: identity, shalom, and purpose. Let me explain:

Robert Liparulo was the keynote speaker during this year's Realm Makers. He had a couple of words for us.

 The first is stop. As in, stop allowing defeat in! We have been given incredible gifts. Passions and dreams that can change the world! And the shalom - peace - that comes with knowing that He is before us!

Our dreams are prayers to God! And He never wastes dreams.

So what are we to do with these gifts? That brings us to the second word: GO!

Go with purpose. Go boldly. Walk securely in Him!

Here's where it gets all guts-on-the-page-y:

My identity has been worthless since age eleven. That's been twenty-four years of me not knowing my identity in Him.

So what did I learn on my trip to St. Louis? All sorts of incredible writing advice that I'll be unpacking - and sharing - in the coming weeks.