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Book Review time!

As an avid reader, it's not uncommon for me to encounter some sort of issue with a book - even if I like it. Flat characters, terrible pacing, and everything in between.

Rebirth, by Amy Brock McNew, has none of those issues. 
Right from the get-go I was pulled into an incredibly vivid tale of heartache, redemption, and sorrow. It's not a tale that can be read without emotional reaction. Tears flowed as freely as laughter did throughout the read. That alone would be enough to recommend this to everyone I know who likes Spec Fic. But wait, there's more!

Amy writes her characters extremely well. No matter whether it's a monstrously evil baddie or one of the protagonists, it's easy to 'get' them. Which, given the depths of depravity some go to, can be rather disturbing!
Without giving any spoilers, I'll just say that the plot is masterfully done. Some aspects have been done before... but not as well.
One slight disclaimer needs to be put forward: Amy doesn…