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Three Days, many facets.

Easter. That wonderful part of April where all sorts of good things happen. Like many holidays, how Easter is significant depends on who you ask:

Many who aren't devout will refer to it as 'Zombie Jesus Day'. Others use it as a good reason to visit loved ones. There are some who point to the fertility rites that accompanied the worship of the 'goddess' Istar as the origins. To children - and kids at heart - it's a great time to gorge on sweets. I'll admit that I fall into the latter category year-round. ;)
And to Christ-followers, it has a very special significance indeed. Good Friday gained its moniker because it was when Jesus died. So what's good about that? Scourging? Betrayal? Being mocked? Top that all off with crucifixion? That certainly doesn't sound like the start to a good weekend to me!
It's good because Jesus was sacrificed for our benefit. All of the evil of the world was piled on Him. Then He died.
But that's not the end of the…