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Cover reveal for RECONCILIATION!

Another successful foray into the L2L2 vaults brought another cover to share with you all! Reconciliation is the sequel to Amy McNew's Rebirth. Here's the back cover copy:

Some ghosts from the past refuse to stay dead.

Finally. Finally everything is coming together for Liz Brantley. She’s marrying Ryland Vaughn, the man of her dreams. She’s embraced her calling and battles the minions of hell bent on her destruction. And she’s left her dark past far behind her. Or so she thought.

A secret she holds close, stuffed down deep, surfaces at the wrong time for everyone in Liz’s life, leaving a trail of devastation. Left reeling, Liz wonders if she made a mistake, putting her trust in God, her guardian Arie, and Ryland. And the demon Kade capitalizes on her shaken faith. With a vengeance.

Torn between her tortured past and the future she craves, Liz is desperate to defeat every demon that stands in her way. Before all hell breaks loose and swallows her whole.

And now for the main eve…

Cover Reveal!

I was recently able to break into L2LP's secure vaults to steal something special. After sharing it with my minions, I believe it's time to reveal it to the world...

Presenting the cover of Kill the Beast! This is Michelle Harper's latest delightful offering. Here's a bit about it:

Kill the Beast: Book One of the Beast Hunters

Ro remembers the castle before. Before the gates closed. Before silence overtook the kingdom. Before the castle disappeared. Now it shimmers to life one night a year, seen by her alone.

Once a lady, now a huntress, Ro does what it takes to survive—just like the rest of the kingdom plunged into despair never before known.

But a beast has overtaken the castle. A beast that killed the prince and holds the castle and kingdom captive in his cruel power. A beast Ro has been hired to kill.

Thankful the mystery of the prince’s disappearance has been solved, furious the magical creature has killed her hero, Ro eagerly accepts the job to end him.

But things a…

Of Debut Tales and Scarlet Moons

One of the most rewarding parts of this Storyteller's road I walk is getting to see other authors share their tales with the world. S.D. Grimm's debut novel, Scarlet Moon, releases tomorrow!

(I'll wait for you all to go preorder before continuing.)

I had the pleasure of interviewing S.D. recently and thought I'd share with you all. Enjoy!

What is Scarlet Moon about?  Told from multiple point of view characters, Scarlet Moon is a young adult fantasy about Jayden, a seventeen-year-old, dagger-wielding, storm-detecting orphan who can save the race of people known as the Feravolk from a sorceress queen bent on annihilating them. Maybe they should have thought of that before they killed Jayden’s family.
What was your inspiration for writing Scarlet Moon?  I love animals. The novel I wrote prior to this one (which sits in a proverbial dark, secret drawer) was about animals. All the characters were animals. And one day I decided to get serious about publishing. Then I decided I…

Book Review time!

As an avid reader, it's not uncommon for me to encounter some sort of issue with a book - even if I like it. Flat characters, terrible pacing, and everything in between.

Rebirth, by Amy Brock McNew, has none of those issues. 
Right from the get-go I was pulled into an incredibly vivid tale of heartache, redemption, and sorrow. It's not a tale that can be read without emotional reaction. Tears flowed as freely as laughter did throughout the read. That alone would be enough to recommend this to everyone I know who likes Spec Fic. But wait, there's more!

Amy writes her characters extremely well. No matter whether it's a monstrously evil baddie or one of the protagonists, it's easy to 'get' them. Which, given the depths of depravity some go to, can be rather disturbing!
Without giving any spoilers, I'll just say that the plot is masterfully done. Some aspects have been done before... but not as well.
One slight disclaimer needs to be put forward: Amy doesn…

Choose this day...

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading that I have myriad titles. Father, husband, author, and patriot, just to name a few. Every single one of them requires loyalty, integrity, and hard work. And there's one role that ties them all together.


I can't successfully be any of those other things unless I give them to God. Will, in fact, utterly fail. Why? Because I have human limitations. Human understanding. And human ambition. You know what else? I'm not alone. Everyone is in that boat. Including our politicians.

This election season has been the most turbulent I've ever witnessed. Pretty terrifying, to be honest. Especially when I see people equating their candidate of choice with salvation. And then expecting everyone else to fall in line or else. That didn't work for the Israelites and it won't do for us. Don't believe me? Check it out:

1 Samuel 12:12-15, 24-25 English Standard Version (ESV)

12 And when you saw that Nahash the king of…

Cover reveal for Rebirth!

So I met the wonderful Amy Brock McNew at Realm Makers last year. Within the first ten minutes we were family. She's a fantastic woman full of love for both people and Spec Fic. And best of all: she's not afraid to spill her guts all over the page!
Amy's first book, Rebirth, is releasing May 24, 2016, and today is cover reveal day!
Here's the back cover copy:
     Liz Brantley has a gift she wants to return.      Able to see and fight demonic forces, she has spent her life alone, battling the minions of hell bent on her destruction, running from the God who gave her this curse. The demon Markus, drawn to her abilities, unleashes havoc on her hometown and pulls Liz further into the throes of battle.      She’s desperate for a normal life.      When she meets a mysterious man who seems unaware of the mystical realm that haunts her, the life she’s always wanted flits within reach. But her slice of normal slips from her grasp when an old flame, Ryland Vaughn, reappears wi…

The Flame, Rekindled

I am pretty passionately against New Year's Resolutions. They seem to me like empty promises. And it's pretty clear that we're warned against such things.

But I am a big fan of new beginnings. One of the main holidays in my story world is called New Hope's Dawn. People recognize that the old has helped shaped them. But there is a new dawn ahead. With new ways to be Hope-criers.

So I sit here two weeks after the Dawn with no resolutions. But a lot of hope. This is going to be the best year yet!

I'm going to be the person that I'm called to be. God has made me to be.

I'm going to pursue the end of my Work in Progress - and be teachable through it!

I'm going to allow myself to be Beautifully Broken.

New Years Resolutions mean nothing. But resting in the hope - the Shalom - that God has for each of us? That's scary. That's powerful. That makes us history makers.

What new hopes do you have for the upcoming months? Share below so we can join in your j…