The Flame, Rekindled

I am pretty passionately against New Year's Resolutions. They seem to me like empty promises. And it's pretty clear that we're warned against such things.

But I am a big fan of new beginnings. One of the main holidays in my story world is called New Hope's Dawn. People recognize that the old has helped shaped them. But there is a new dawn ahead. With new ways to be Hope-criers.

So I sit here two weeks after the Dawn with no resolutions. But a lot of hope. This is going to be the best year yet!

I'm going to be the person that I'm called to be. God has made me to be.

I'm going to pursue the end of my Work in Progress - and be teachable through it!

I'm going to allow myself to be Beautifully Broken.

New Years Resolutions mean nothing. But resting in the hope - the Shalom - that God has for each of us? That's scary. That's powerful. That makes us history makers.

What new hopes do you have for the upcoming months? Share below so we can join in your journey. After all, we're all about #gutsonthepage!


  1. My hope is that I can fully surrender to be who He made me to be. To have a "Rebirth" in my spirit, attacking the challenges that come against me head on, responding to them as the new me. Not the old me. With hope, strength, and faith. No more letting doubt and anger rule me.

  2. That is a fantastic hope! One that I share. :D


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