Truth, Love, Apostasy and Legalism

Being the geek I am, of course I'm going to start this with a Babylon 5 reference. There's a Vorlon (race in the B5 universe) saying: "Truth is a three-edged sword; there's your truth, my truth, and the truth."

I'm not going to worry about the first two. Your (as in, anyones) truth matters not at all. It's garbage. In the grand scheme of things, your truth is more disgusting and less useful than used toilet paper...

... but so is mine.

The one that remains is, of course, God's Truth.  See, here's the thing: God's Truth doesn't change. Because He doesn't change. What was His reality before time was a concept will remain so long after time ceases. His Law, His Love, His reality, His TRUTH is the way of things.

The Bible gives an excellent overview of Truth. Everything you need to know, really. Little things like...
  * God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. 
  * We were designed to be in monogomous, heterosexual union.
  * Murder is wrong.
  * Children are precious to Jesus. Harming a child brings consequences worse than drowning in the ocean. (Mt. 18:6, 19: 13-14)

... oh... and there's one I'm missing... what was it...?

  * Truth and love go hand-in-hand
You see, *real* love can only be expressed via an understanding of God's Truth. And *real* truth only ever gets communicated effectively when done in love. Those two things can't be separated without disaster. I'm not being hyperbolic, either. I've recently seen a lot of foolishness on my various social media feeds. People expressing something out of a zeal for the truth, but not in a loving manner. Others expressing love, but kind of just... gently nudging the truth aside so they don't offend someone.

I'm calling you out, fellow Christ-Followers. You want to serve God? Start by loving as He does without compromising His truth.  Anything else makes you a Pharisee.

/end rant 


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